I’m Abhay, a Brookings, SD based UX and interaction designer. I attained a degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in May 2014. More recently, I attended DESIGNATION, a UX/UI/FED bootcamp in Chicago from July – November 2015 where I learned the ins and outs of digital design and had the opportunity to solve design related problems for two Chicago based startups.

Not only did DESIGNATION help develop my skills as a full stack designer and further solidify my interest in user centered design, it also helped me hone perhaps the most essential skill for any professional: the ability to think critically. Additionally, the experience made me contemplate the pros and cons of being an idealist (more on that in the case studies).  

Prior to DESIGNATION I conceptualized and validated a startup idea, Hosteler, but ultimately moved on from the project as a matter of principle. As I developed the idea, it became increasingly evident that such a product would have no significant humanitarian or even economical impact. However, the skills and knowledge I gained throughout that experience proved to be invaluable as they supplemented the knowledge gained at DESIGNATION. To fulfill my newly forged ideal, I started volunteering for Satyagraha Institute, a nonprofit which propagates the Gandhian values of nonviolence as a means of conflict resolution. I currently serve as the IT/Marketing Strategist.

I have aspirations to relocate to the west coast, or possibly abroad, in the immediate future to apply my design skills at a startup which derives its core values from Humanism and focuses on designing responsibly.